The Essential Guide to Finding Yourself. (Intro.)

I lost her. I lost Melissa. I lost Mel.  I lost myself.

I lost myself so much that I didn’t remember who I was anymore.
I felt like a robot doing the same things everyday, going through the same routine and not feeling any type of emotion.

It’s been 6 months, where I didn’t know how to feel like myself. It’s a strange thing to not feel like yourself.

As the days went by, there was more pieces of myself missing. And as months passed by, I gave up on finding those missing pieces to put back together. At one point, I completely lost myself.

But, something in the past month has motivated me not to give up.

I’ve been trying to familiarize myself again with different things that makes me feel like MEL again. Also, I’m trying new things that I’ve wanted to do but never made the effort to try.

So let’s try this. Let’s find myself again. Let’s complete this puzzle of putting myself back together.

The Essential Guide to Finding Yourself.

Part I coming soon….





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