Don’t think about it. 

Easier said than done.

I left work on Friday with an uneasy feeling that made want to leave, due to an unexpected “announcement”. I couldn’t stop imagining the next couple of weeks with this unexpected announcement. I only thought about how much I couldn’t go to work because I was going to be filled with even more stress. I imagined how chaotic work is going to be and that I barely even survived this weeek.

Every now and then, I would think about it. But today I woke up and kept on forcing myself to not think about it.

I’m not there right now. I needed to relax my mind and not think about it, when I’m not there. 

It’s hard. It’s hard to make your mind stop thinking about something. But it’s easier to distract it, even for a couple of minutes. I began catching up on my shows on Netflix and drove to the store, just to get away.

I don’t know.

We’ll see how this week works. Last week, I gave myself one week. It wasn’t too bad.

But I think this week should be another test if I should stay or not. 


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