Write on…

I prefer writing over typing any day.

When I was in college, I always bought a notebook for notes,even though I brought my laptop everywhere with me.

In my room, I have about a thousand journals. All unfinished. All with a different purpose.

Writing. Physically.

For different purposes.

There’s just something about it.

In school, when writing down information physically. I am to remember things more and actually understand what I’m learning about.

When I write about my worries, I feel like I’m letting my worries go as I write those feelings onto paper. And when I am able to read my worries, I can clearly see what’s factual and what anxious thoughts were roaming around my mind.

When I write down my letters to NO ONE. I am able to let every emotion deep down inside of me out. I am able to fully express how I feel towards someone, even if they will never read it.

When I write down the events of the day, I am able to recall and reflect how the day went. Additionally, I’m able to read old entries from months ago and feel nostalgic about it.

Today, I started to write in a journal again.

No notes. No worries. No letters. No outlines of my day.

I just wrote how I felt. No pretty handwriting. No editing on my grammar. No proofreads. Just writing everything that comes from my mind.

Just writing what I feel and how I feel without any limitations.

I haven’t done this in years. And looking at all my feelings written in words in front of me might just give me closure or an insight of what I need to do.

Write it down.